Receive Monetary Damages for Industrial Deafness

Receive Monetary Damages for Industrial Deafness

Excessive noise throughout your life results in deafness, and you could receive compensation if your condition is a result of your employment. Based in Luton, Bedfordshire, we assist with your industrial deafness or hearing loss claim. Losing your hearing changes your life, so you should always enquire about our services to see if you can receive damages.

On Your Side

Many workplaces require employees to stay in environments where noise levels and patterns are excessive. Employers have a responsibility to provide their employees with adequate protection against potentially damaging noise. Having adequate protection is extremely important. If you don’t, long-lasting damage may occur to your hearing. That’s where we come in. Providing the action needed to make a difference, we fight to win your industrial deafness claim. Personal injury claims are also available for incidents at work.

Tinnitus Claim

Compensation is also available for those that have suffered tinnitus because of workplace conditions. The severity of hearing loss always depends on the length of exposure to loud noises. Day-to-day exposure results in some level of hearing loss, and some people are more susceptible than others. Ringing, whistling, and buzzing noises are often signs that tinnitus has developed, in which case you can make a claim with the help of our team. 

See the Signs

Hearing loss happens gradually, so people don’t notice that it is occurring. Always having the TV volume on high levels is one of the signs. You may also struggle to follow a conversation with background noise. These are the most prominent signs of hearing loss, and occur after working day-to-day in a noisy environment without adequate protection.

Bespoke Solutions

Receive the compensation that you deserve with the help of our experienced team. It’s a no-win-no-fee solution, and you only pay the insurance premium from your compensation if you win. Our fees do not apply to any damages that you receive. With nothing to pay up-front and nothing to pay if you lose, start you claim today. Our experienced, compassionate team are ready to assist.

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